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Introducing Double Double Day

On Friday, November 29th, hundreds of people across Toronto will be taking part in our annual Double Double Day, to mark World AIDS Day (on Dec 1st) and raise funds for Step By Step Africa.

Instead of buying your morning coffee or tea at your local coffee shop, grab one at work and donate the money you would have spent on your coffee to a great cause. Think it won’t make a difference?

A large double-double from Tim Horton's will subsidize one week of school fees for an AIDS orphan.

A grande latte from Starbucks will cover the cost of baby formula for the child of an HIV positive mother for one week.

So join us on November 29th and get double the satisfaction—your morning beverage and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference!

Want to support Double Double Day but your place of work isn't taking part? You can donate online by clicking the 'Donate' button to the right.

Thank you for your support!

The mission of Step By Step Africa is a straight forward one – to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. We do this by providing funding to local partners for testing and treatment.

Although the costs for testing and treatment are prohibitively expensive for most Africans, the contribution needed from someone in the developed world to make a significant difference to a person with AIDS in Africa is surprisingly small.

The cost of life saving antiretroviral medication for one year is less than $150. The cost for the HIV test is less than $1!

It is amazing how a small sacrifice can make a huge difference to someone in Africa. For example, a large double-double from Tim Hortons is the equivalent of two free HIV tests. A Big Mac Combo is good for 13 tests. A new DVD can buy over 40 free tests. For treatment the comparisons are equally amazing. A tank of gas covers about 4 months of treatment. A new pair of jeans provides close to a full year of medication. A new pair of running shoes close to 2 years of life saving treatment.

Step By Step runs fundraising events throughout the year to fund our projects in Africa. For details of past and future events, check out the Events link.